What relationship support services are there?

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Relationship support is underdeveloped and not easily available across the UK, with a patchwork of largely uncoordinated provision. The voluntary sector is the main provider of relationship support services but operates in an unstable funding environment. Current provision ranges from formal specialist support, such as counselling and mediation, to more generic services, such as health visiting, which are not explicitly defined as relationship support but may touch on relationship issues.

  • Tool
  • 2021
  • EIF

Developing a relationship support pathway for families: A support pathway model

This tool is designed to help you to develop a relationship support pathway for families in your local area, with the goal of reducing the impact of harmful conflict between parents on children.

  • Report
  • 2017
  • EIF

Exploring parental relationship support: A qualitative study

An analysis of the availability of relationship support services for families in or at risk of poverty in five case-study areas, including gaps in support.

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  • 2022
  • Anna Freud Centre

Advice and guidance for parents and carers in conflict or separating

A webpage that discusses how parental conflict can negatively impact on child outcomes. This includes videos and strategies to protect children from parental conflict.

  • Summary
  • 2020
  • EIF

Virtual and digital relationship support services

This appendix of our recent report provides a list of virtual and digital self-help resources to support parental relationships.

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  • 2017
  • EIF

Types of relationship support services

A summary of the different kinds of relationship support services. Some focus on improving child outcomes and others focus on the couple/parent relationship.

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