What interventions have been shown to improve child outcomes?

While there is strong evidence that parental conflicts impacts child outcomes, the evidence about interventions and what works is still at an early stage. The majority of interventions with robust evidence come from outside the UK, and many have not yet collected evidence on how they improve child (rather than parent or couple) outcomes. However, a growing number of interventions have either been shown to work or are building their evidence base.

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  • 2020
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EIF Guidebook spotlight set: Improving interparental relationships

EIF's flagship Guidebook provides information on programmes that have been assessed against our evidence standards and found to have evidence of improving child outcomes. This spotlight set is for programmes seeking to improve interparental relationships.

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  • 2018
  • EIF

Face-to-face support interventions for reducing parental conflict

Evidence-based information about the eight 'face-to-face' interventions that DWP has selected to be trialled in the UK as part of the Reducing Parental Conflict Programme, including who they are designed for and how they are delivered.

  • Summary
  • 2019
  • EIF

Other programmes that target the couple or interparental relationship

Provides a wider set of programmes related to improving interparental relationships, many of which are not on EIF's Guidebook either because they have not yet been assessed or are at the early stages of building their evidence.

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